Audrey Hepburn photographed at the Chicago premiere of My Fair Lady, held at the RKO Palace Theatre, on October 23rd, 1964


Edinburgh, Scotland. photos by Daniel Farò


can we just have long cozy discussions about this ginger queen or

30 Days of Doctor Who
↳ 08. Favourite Episode From Season Two | Doomsday

get to know me meme [1/5] favorite male characters - Ryan Atwood
 ↳ Having a dream doesn’t make you smart.  Knowing it won’t come true…that does.

New York is a very rich environment. Acting is a pretty unconventional life, you’re always working, in a way. You can relax and go and see a movie, but I always see a performance that inspires me. Or sitting eating and you observe people and characters. Work creeps in. I listen to music, I like trying new restaurants things like that.